Access a Barrister Directly

Why do I not need to use a solicitor – what’s the catch?

You are saving money because you do not have to use a solicitor but that means that you have to undertake the office type work that a solicitor would do on your behalf. But we help you as to what needs to be done; completing court forms and so forth. As far as the court and the other side is concerned you are acting for yourself “but assisted by direct access counsel”.

Things you have to do (with our help):

  • issue court documents and pay court fees
  • contact witnesses and collect and investigate evidence
  • instruct an expert witness
  • correspond with the other side

Things that we do:

  • provide you with expert legal advice
  • assist you to draft correspondence
  • help to draft statements from litigants and witnesses
  • advise you on suitable experts and draft instructions to expert witnesses
  • offer you advice on the next steps to be taken in proceedings
  • draft formal court documents
  • advocate on your behalf in court

For more information about the Public Access Scheme, please visit the Bar Council’s website.