Affordable justice in family cases provided by a practising barrister.

In these days of huge cutbacks in the availability of public funding (Legal Aid) we are committed to providing affordable legal advice and court representation in  child and financial cases.

We offer our services for a fully VAT inclusive price per CASE NOT per hour or per hearing 

Child Disputes     £1650.00

Financial Matters  £4950.00


The Small Print

  1. The above fixed fees cover all the preparatory work and court representation for the usual three court hearings

2. Any appeals or additional hearings; in particular separate fact finding hearings in children cases attract additional fees

3. The policy of the courts is to encourage the parties to settle;  particularly in child and financial cases  Accordingly, whilst your fee covers three hearings, if the case settles early there is no refund of your fee

If at all possible it is best to make child care arrangements without resorting to lawyers – please read “Do You Really Need Me?”